Letter 8

Saturday, March 23, 2002

Dear Tigger Tail fans,

At last there are two kittens selected to move in between 7 and 14 April. No word yet on what Tiny thinks of all this but I think she will quickly adapt and be glad they are here after a short ‘get acquainted' period.

Now, to meet the new little rascals. In these pictures they are sleeping or trying to sleep. No matter, it is still possible to see a little of what they look like. They are the two lighter of the three kittens. One is a very light grey with a dark grey tail and dark grey tips to the ears. The other is a darker grey with some stripes. That is the one that was most awake. Her name is Fluffy as she is a little longer haired than the others. The light grey one has not been named.

If cute is any measure of their potential success then they are assured of success. The home they come from is wonderful for cats and they get tons of attention. The mother cat is a very good mother cat too. All in all, it all looks great for two companions for Tiny and a good home for the kittens with a ‘mother' cat to help them grow up right. Let's hope it works out that way.

Take care... love to all,