13. Rain... rain

At one of her favorite spotsAs is his habit, Tigger was sitting at the screen in the dining room studying the goings on in the back yard. He spends hours at this pursuit. Often it looks to me like there is nothing going on but he always finds thing to observe. He has extremely sharp eyes.

"Quick, come here. I want to show you something!" he shouted to me one time.

"What is it?" I asked as I got up and started for the screen where he was.

"The whole yard is a shower!" he exclaimed in amazement as he danced back and forth along the screen..

What?"That isn't a shower like the one I use in the bathroom. They do call it a shower when it rains like that though. Haven't you seen it rain yet?"

"Not when I was this close to it. What do all the things in the yard do when it rains like that. I sure wouldn't like to be out in that wet." he said with a little shiver. He wrapped his tail around over his front paws to keep them a little warmer.

"I noticed you don't like getting wet. The times you slip and fall into the shower with me you don't waste time getting out of it. Of course that is why I use a water pistol to remind you not to get up on things you shouldn't get onto."

He gave me a dirty look. "I sure wish you wouldn't do that. I don't like that at all."

"Did you ever stop to think that is why I do it?"

"Oh yeah. I guess so. Why don't you go outside and take your shower. You don't seem to mind getting wet too much."

Look at that"I couldn't do that. I would get in trouble if I went out and took my shower in the yard."

"Why?" he asked as he stretched on the screen and then jumped back as a couple of rain drops blew in and got him. He ran behind me and peeked around my leg to watch the rain.

"People just aren't supposed to go outside without clothes on. I would get in big trouble if I did that."


"Well, people aren't supposed to run around without clothes. It isn't nice to let other people see you without clothes. I don't know how to explain it to you."

"Cats don't wear clothes and we don't get in trouble because of that.... do we?" he said as he went over to the brass plate at the bottom of the front door and admired his reflection. As he turned this way and that he suddenly noticed that tail that always seems to be hanging around behind him and attacked it.

"No. Of course you do have that very nice coat of hair. That is sort of like clothes I guess. Maybe that is why cats are excused from the rule. Of course you look pretty good... clothes or no clothes."

Look!"Thank you. I think so too." he said as he forgot his tail and resumed admiring himself in the brass plate. He fluffed the hair on his cheeks with his front paws. All of a sudden he launched a preemptive attack on his reflection then danced on his toes, back hunched, back and forth in front of the reflection. He stopped and looked at me.

"I still don't understand. If cats and dogs and birds and all of the other things don't have to wear clothes then why do people?" he asked, a real puzzled look in his eyes.

"I guess we just look better with clothes on. Don't you think I look better with clothes on."

He studied me from head to toe "Oh yeah. I've seen you in the shower....."

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