15. Oh how he grows

What a catI never tire of observing this marvel that shares occupancy of my home. It seems that he is growing by the minute. He eats... lots... and then sleeps... lots... and as he sleeps it seems that I can see him actually growing. He changes positions frequently as he sleeps, often to bizarre often immodest positions. I think the reason he changes position so often as he sleeps is to allow for the growth that is occurring.

Then he wakes up! Almost every minute of his time awake is devoted to converting the growth from his food and sleeping into muscle and skill. It is his mission in life to grow and develop into a strong and skilled hunting machine. It seems impossible for him to pass up an opportunity to pounce on and attack almost anything from scraps of paper to balls and stuffed animals.

Ain't he cute>Tigger woke up and slowly stretched. He sat and began glooming himself. After doing his face he began working on his paws. Suddenly he caught the movement of that ever present tail that was always hanging around. He pounced on it with both front paws, claws spread. Somehow he became aware it was his own.... his claws maybe? He glanced at me to see if I had seen him attack his own tail again then hooked one paw under it and groomed it as though he had known it was his own all along. Watching him hook his paw around his tail as he groomed it made me think that if cats had a thumb we would all be in big trouble. They get into enough mischief as it is with only paws to work with!

"Your mom would be real proud of how well you take care of yourself." I said.

Yep, cuteHe couldn't help straightening up at the mention of his mom.

"She would be, wouldn't she." He said with pride as he continued to improve his appearance with his grooming.

He sauntered away to the food bowl and refueled getting ready for the rest of his days activities. Once his tank was full he began converting it into muscle with very vigorous play. He was mounting an attack on the little stuffed bear that was about his size when he first came to live with me. Now it looks like a very nice size prey item for him and he treats it that way. He was being particularly vigorous with it this time.

"Tigger, you are really giving that bear the dickens. It is only play you know." I said.

"It may look like play to you but it is work to me." he replied.

"Work? How do you arrive at that?" I asked.

He paused his attack for a moment, "It is my job to work on my attack skills as much as I can."

Loves that toy"Why?"

"Because I want to be all that I can be." he replied.

"Hmmm... sounds like a good recruiting slogan for someone... So you want to be the best you can be?"

"Of course."

"But you still don't need to hunt for your food. Remember, I keep your bowl full and give you treats several times a day. Everything is ready to eat... no attack needed for any of it."

"I know but I want to be ready in case I get a chance. By the way, there aren't as many birds eating at the feeders now."

"Don't try to change the subject."

"Who said I was changing the subject? Why are there fewer birds?"

"Remember, we discussed this the other day. The birds fly off to where flowers are still blooming when winter is on the way. I doubt I will even use the last bag of bird seed until next Spring."

"Bird seed? You mean we can grow our own birds? Let do it. We could do it here in the kitchen right next to my food bowl."

And that habitat"No, no, no... that isn't what bird seed is for. Bird seed is actually flower seeds that birds eat, you know, like kitten food is just food you eat. Anyway, if we could grow birds from the bird seed you don't think I would put them next to your food bowl do you.?'

"It doesn't hurt to ask." he said as he took his attack off pause and continued his skill building exercise.

"You wouldn't really eat one of those nice birds out there, would you?" I asked.

"I don't know. Why don't we try an experiment?' he said as he once again paused his attack on the bear.

"What sort of experiment?"

"Let me get close to one of them and see what happens...."

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