16. Touching tummies

Interesting positionI love watching Tigger sleep. He assumes so many interesting positions and sleeps so soundly. About the only thing that will really wake him quickly is the sound of the refrigerator door. That works every time!

I was enjoying watching him sleep on his back which seems to be one of his favorite positions. The hair on his chest and tummy grows towards the mid line and forms a little keel like formation. His tummy is so soft and furry looking.

This one tooAs I watched him he started to wake up. He became aware I was watching him and regarded me with half closed eyes. He yawned, stretched and began grooming but I could tell this was one of those times he was not really ready to wake up. He was just taking a break between naps. I couldn't resist the impulse.

"Tiger, can I curl up and take a nap on your tummy like you do on mine?"

He looked at me like I was out of my mind. "No way! You are way too big. Besides, you know I don't like for you to touch my tummy."
"Why is that? I would think you would love for me to rub your tummy. You love for me to rub your head and under your chin."

"I know. I love for you to do that but don't touch my tummy... ever!" he said as he checked out his tummy and noticed a tail moving around between his legs. Another attack on his own tail! As usual, he noticed the fact that is was his own almost immediately and switched to grooming as if that is what he had intended to do all along.

On my lap"Can I come up and curl up in your lap?" he asked.

"Of course you may... Just about any time you like." I replied, thinking that someone sure has spoiled this cat. I wonder who.

He sprang into my lap and began the ritual of preparing his 'bed' for a nap. After he was settled I asked him again if I could rub his tummy.

"No! I told you, I don't like that and never will. You are welcome to rub my head and chin though."

Boy is he spoiled! How did that happen?

"Where is south? he asked out of the blue.

Not feeling up to a geography lesson at the moment I pointed south and said "In that direction"

"How far away is it?" he asked.

"Well everything in that direction is south of here and that goes for thousands of miles. Why do you ask?"

"You said the birds were flying south. I just wanted to know where they are going. Can we go south too?"

"Why would we want to go south? We have a perfectly good place to stay right here. I can go down the road to the grocery store and get all we need to eat and the house keeps us warm and dry. We don't have any reason to go south."

"But the birds are going south."


"I will miss them."

"I didn't know you felt so close to them."

"The trouble is I am never close enough to them."

Ready for tummy rub"Oh! I see. No we won't be going south... sorry."

He closed his eyes and drifted off as I slowly rubbed his head and chin. Eventually he relaxed and stretched out on his side. He was purring loudly. His soft tummy was exposed and I couldn't resist. I lightly ran my finger down his chest and tummy. His hind feet curled up and his purring continued strong. I did it again with the same results. He just thinks he doesn't like for me to rub his tummy.

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