24 Birds... unfair?

Tigger is spending more and more of his time outside now. He loves the freedom yet stays very close by. Every time I check on him he is on the front porch, in the carport or very close by. He just came to the door and wanted in. I let him in and he went for his food bowl.

"What? Hungry? You have been outside all afternoon. Why are you hungry?" I asked.

"What do you mean? My food bowl is inside." he said with his mouth full.

"Yes... it is... but you have just been waiting for a chance to get at the birds. I thought you would have had dinner already. Didn't you catch a bird?"

"No! And it's unfair."

"Unfair? What's unfair?"

"The bird always watch me. If they wouldn't watch me all the time I could catch one but they watch me all the time." he said as he took a few practice pounces.

"I wonder why. You don't suppose it's that they figure you would catch them if you could do you?"

"I try to act like I am not interested in them at all. I just walk around like I don't even know they are there. Then as soon as I turn and start for them they fly off. It just isn't fair."

"That's a very clever strategy but I guess if you were a bird you would do the same, wouldn't you?"

"Probably... but it still isn't fair." he said as he returned to his food bowl. I left him to eat in peace.

After he had eaten he came to visit me in my chair. He bounded up and sat on my chest with his face right in mine.

"Hi! Glad you dropped by to visit. Other than not being able to sneak up on the birds, was it fun being outside?"

"Yes. I like to smell all the different smells and chase the little insects. They must watch me too because I haven't been able to catch any of them either."

"Did you smell the chipmunk near the front steps? I have seen one there many times."

"So that was what I was smelling. What is a chipmunk?"

"Sort of like a mouse in a way. It is very cute. I have seen one eating sunflower seeds in the carport several times."

"Do you suppose they would taste like a mouse?"

"I have no idea and don't intend to find out. You wouldn't try to eat it would you?

"Not unless I caught it."

"Did you hear voles in their holes? ...Hey, I'm a poet."

"Are you pulling my leg again?" he said as he stuck one of his hind legs in the air like I was pulling it. Then he wrapped his front legs around it and began grooming it since it was there.

"No. Not at all. When I was in the Navy and the ship I was on was in Italy I swapped the duty so that I could write the first ships log for the New Year. The start of the first log of the New Year has to be written in verse. I wanted to do that. It was fun and I did a really good job of it."

"Really? You did that? I'm really impressed!" he said.


"Uh.... what's verse? ......"

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