33 Thunderstorms and such

We had a sudden thunderstorm late yesterday afternoon. All of a sudden there was all sorts of thunder and lightning... and rain. Tigger was outside at the time... but not for long. Evidently he had been away from the house because when he bombed through his kitty door into the kitchen he was wet. Of course dogs shake most of the water off when they are wet but not cats. He was trying desperately to get himself dry with his tongue.

"Tigger, what happened to you?" I asked.

"Someone turned on the shower outside and kept turning the lights on and off and slamming doors! At least when you turn on the shower you warn me. You say 'Tigger, time for me to go scrape and scrub.' and I know you are going to shave and take a shower. At least I know to stay out of the tub before you turn the shower on." he said as he tried to lick himself dry, contorting himself trying to reach places that he couldn't possible reach.

"That is a thunder storm. That happens from time to time. You have heard thunder before and you have seen rain before too."

"Yeah... but I have never been outside when it happened. How am I supposed to get dry?" he said as he continued to try to lick himself dry.

"Licking yourself doesn't strike me as an efficient way to do it. I could dry you with a towel if you want me to." I said, trying to be helpful.

"No thanks. My mom said to try this." he said and tried to sit straighter as he continued licking himself.

"Your mom should know the best way. She is a very wise cat. Just let me know if you want any help getting dry."

After drying off as best he could with a wet tongue he settled on the end table by my chair. Not too long ago he fit on the table with plenty of room to spare. Now, he hangs over the side.

"Why is the table so much smaller than it used to be?" he asked as he looked around at his rear end hanging over the edge.

"The table isn't smaller. Remember, I told you that you are growing bigger. There are lots of places you can't fit anymore... right?"

"Uh... I guess so. Boy, I must be getting real big. Now I remember, because I am eating lots, right?"

"You are eating lots and exercising lots as well. Climbing trees, running in the yard, stuff like that."

"You mean playing is exercise?" he said, spreading his toes and then curling his paws under... over and over as he purred loudly. I love when he does that.

"I guess you could say that. Playing can be exercise. Exercise keeps you in shape."

"What does 'in shape' mean?" he said as he continued to flex his paws and purr.

"You know, trim and fit. In good condition and looking good."

He reached over and patted my stomach with a paw. "Why don't you play more...?"

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