36 Chest warmer

It has been raining for days now. Not real heavy for the most part and not continuously but raining for days. It has made Tigger restless and has made for many trips out that has resulted in his getting wet... cold and wet. That hasn't kept him from going out though. He won't let me dry him with a towel either. Last night he kept going in and out, in and out despite the cold and wet.

"What are you doing out there in the cold rain?" I asked as he tried to dry off with his tongue.

"Just stuff." he replied between licks of his wet hair.

"What do you mean ‘stuff'?"

"You know.... cat stuff." he replied rather cryptically.

Later in the evening I am pretty sure I heard another cat outside his kitty door. I guess he was right. Cat stuff is about right.

This morning I woke myself up when I sneezed. I had to get up to blow my nose and found that it was only three am. Almost time for Tigger to make his usual morning trip in to wake me up. Since I was vertical I went to find him and sure enough, he was sound asleep on his little bed in the living room.

When I went into the living room and turned the light on he woke up. He got up, stretching each hind leg in turn and stretching his back first arching and then stretching low and pulling with his claws on the carpet, his rear end pushed high in the air. He yawned and yawned.

"What are you doing up in the middle of the night?" he asked, using the question I usually ask him each morning.

"What do you mean ‘middle of the night'? It is only about half an hour before you usually wake me up."

"But that is half an hour from now... this is the middle of the night." he said as he continued to yawn and stretch. He was having trouble keeping his eyes open and sitting upright..

Since he was awake he began his day much the same as I do when he wakes me up early. He stumbled through his routine of eating and going to the tub to drink water around the drain then went outside for his morning constitutional.

He eventually came in and was ready to take up where he left off when I woke him. He settled down on my chest to sleep after kneading it to get everything just the way he wanted to be comfortable. He is sleeping on my chest more and more now that it is getting colder.

"I noticed you are sleeping on my chest more and more these days. Not on my stomach much any more and not as often on my lap as you used to." I said to him.

"Well... it is getting harder to stay up on your stomach. I keep sliding off..."

"OK, OK... but why my chest?"

"I like to hear and feel your heart beating. It reminds me of my mom." he said and as usual, adjusted his posture to a little more dignified position as he mentioned his mom.

"I bet that is pleasant for you. Do you think about her much?"

"Sure do. I like to think about way back when I was young and would cuddle up against her to sleep."

"What do you mean ‘way back'? That wasn't that long ago."

"Well, that is ‘way back' to me. What's ‘way back' to you?"

"Back when I was a little boy... but I see your point. I like for you to sleep on my chest too."

"Your chest is warmer than your lap and when it is cool that keeps me nice and warm. You were a little boy ?"

"Yes... I was a little boy long ago... believe it or not. You help keep me warm too, when you sleep on my chest. I love that. That's nice that we can help each other that way don't you think?"

"Yes, I like helping you."

"Oh? I hadn't realized that. What do you help me with besides helping keep me warm by sleeping on my chest?"

"Why don't you go get some stuff out of the refrigerator and I will help....."

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