38 Tigger's side of the story

Hi there! Tigger here. He (my buddy) went back to bed so I decided to pick it up since I was up and didn't have anything else to do at the moment. He left this computer thingy on.

He always does the talking and I thought this would be a good chance to tell you my side of things. I don't understand him at all. He wants to sleep all night! It's a human... thing, I suppose. Of course we cats know that's the best time to catch all the things we like to catch. I do get him up early most mornings but after fixing my food and water and getting himself something to eat he usually wants to go back to sleep. As I say, it's a human... thing.

He almost always fixes me a little plate of some orange stuff that he says is good for me. Pumpkin, he calls it. Strange thing that, he calls me pumpkin too sometimes and I don't look the least bit like that stuff. He always tells me "Good boy!" when I eat it... like that will make me want to eat it more. I have a little secret... I like the stuff so I'll eat it anyway. He says it has a lot of fiber and will help me get rid of hair balls... whatever that is, but I say it has lots of good taste.

I really like the little door he made for me so that I can go out and in whenever I want. Even when he is sleeping or when he goes somewhere without me I can go out and come in when I like... or need to. He says he fixed the door for me because I'm responsible and stay close enough to the house. I say it's because I'm a cat and can do anything I want to around here.

Little old meI have this little problem with one of the cats from next door. We call him ‘the bully' and he is really big and mean. Actually it's a real big problem. He is really big and my problem with him is big. After all, the bully is all grown up and I am still just a kitten as my buddy tells me.

The bully got after me the other night and I ran to the kitty door at the back door. Boy! Did I ever mess up! The back door was closed so I couldn't get in. Then I was cornered and couldn't get away from the bully. I was screeching and howling as loud as I could and all of a sudden my buddy opened the back door. Boy

The BIG bullydid the bully take off. I was so scared that I took off too in the other direction. I ran around the house and into the back kitty door as fast as I could. That was a really close call.

You're probably wondering why I have a partner living with me aren't you? Well, just being a cat takes almost all my time and he comes in handy to do all the things he does and that allows me to just be a cat. For instance, he can fix my food easier than I can and of course there's all that cleaning and stuff. Also, he really comes in handy when the bully gets after me. Oh yeah, he makes a real comfy bed to sleep on sometimes. I like to sleep on his lap or tummy or chest. Anyway, we both sort of like it this way so I let him live with me. Besides, lots of cats have a human to live with them. So much easier to just leave the work for the human to do and just concentrate on cat things.
My buddy is the best human any cat owns in the whole world. Of course he is the only human I know that is owned by a cat but I still know he is the best because he is very, very smart. He tells me that I am the best cat in the whole wide world, which happens to be pretty big. If he is smart enough to know that then he is pretty smart don't you think?

Uh oh! Here he comes now. I better get down from here. He says I shouldn't get up on this keyboard thingy.

"Good morning Tigger. Hey, were you just up on the keyboard? You shouldn't be getting up there you know."

"Uh... ah.... well.... I was sort of up there for a little while... I guess."

"Oh? ‘Sort of up there'... ‘you guess' eh? How do you ‘sort of' get on the keyboard? What were you doing up there?"

"I... uh... well... I was telling my side of the story. I hope you don't mind."

"Let me read it and I'll let you know. Oh... I see... um.... ah.... so that is what you think... oh well...."

"What? What?"

"Oh nothing. So that is your side of the story is it?"

"Yes... more or less... sort of. Do you like it? Is it OK?"

"Sure, it's perfectly OK. Especially that part about me being the best human. I guess I can live with that. You really are the best cat in the whole world you know. Anybody that doesn't believe that can just ask me... or you. Right?"


"Oh Tigger."


"I like what you wrote. You did a great job."

"Thanks. Does that mean I can use the keyboard thingy again when I want to tell my side of things?"

"Of course you may use the keyboard thingy again Tigger. Anytime."

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