68 A surprise visitor...

One foggy morning there appeared at the carport a most surprising visitor! It was a box turtle. Tigger greeted him and asked who he was and what he wanted. It appeared that his name was Anthony and that he had come all the way from Tampa, Florida looking for David Southworth. Of course everyone knows that David is a great lover of turtles and since he moved to Germany with his family the turtle population of Tampa has missed him terribly. Anthony was

on a mission to find David and if not persuade him to return to Tampa, at least take word back to his fellow turtles as to where David was and how he was doing. It seems that the turtles have just as much regard for David as he has for them.

"Whoa! Who and what are you?", Tigger asked on finding this strange thing in his driveway.

"Oh, hello there. My name is Anthony and I'm a box turtle. I live in Tampa, Florida. I'm a friend of David Southworth and he moved away from Tampa. The turtles of the area asked me to try to find him.", the turtle answered.

"Glad to meet you, Anthony. My name is Tigger. All the way from Florida you say? Why are you looking here?", Tigger said.

"Mr. Roy Jones lives here doesn't he?" asked Anthony.

"Well, yes, he does. What difference does that make?", Tigger responded.

"My understanding is that David Southworth is the grandson of Mr. Roy Jones so I thought this would be as a good a place as any to start.", said the turtle.

"Oh yes, I suppose so. Now I remember, David is my buddy's grandson. I have never met him but I have seen pictures of him and my buddy talks about his grandchildren all the time. I'll go get him and see if he can help you. You just wait right here."

Tigger ran into the house and found his buddy at the computer.

"Quick! Come outside. I have something very interesting to show you.", Tigger said with as much excitement as he had exhibited in a long time.

"OK Tigger. What is it?", Roy asked as he got up to follow Tigger outside.

"Just come and see.", Tigger urged..

Roy went outside with Tigger and there was Anthony, sitting patiently in the driveway. Turtles can be very, very patient.

"This is a box turtle named Anthony and he has come all the way from Tampa Florida looking for David Southworth. He was hoping you would be able to help him.", Tigger said.

"Hello Anthony. David is my grandson but he doesn't live here. He lives is in Germany with his family. He was here for the summer several years ago but he isn't here now.", Roy said.

"Oh darn! I was so in hopes that he would be here. All of us turtles in Tampa miss him very much and want to find him and find out how he is doing.", Anthony responded.

"I can help you with some of the answers you are looking for. He is doing just fine. He and the rest of his family are living in a little town in Germany. I visited with them a few months ago and they are all just fine.", Roy said.

"I'm so relieved to hear he is doing OK. Do you think I can get to Germany to see him?", Anthony asked.

No, I don't think so. It's a very long way away and there is an ocean between here and there."

"Oh dear! My friends in Tampa will not like to hear that. Please tell him we miss him next time you see him.", Anthony said as he turned and began the long trip back to Tampa to tell his friends what he had found out about David.

"Goodby Anthony. Are you going to be OK getting back home. That is a really long way back to Tampa and there are lots of roads to cross you know. I see turtles all the time that were not quick enough crossing the road.", Roy said.

"Don't worry about me, I will be alright. I made it up here without too many close calls. Besides, I'm getting much better at crossing roads... lots of practice.", Anthony said.

With that, Anthony began his long trip home. It was amazing how fast he could go. Within half an hour he was completely out of sight.

That was a very strange way to start a day!

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