74 Tiny hiney the mighty mouser...

For quite some time there has been a little mouse making himself at home in the house. That doesn't speak very highly of it's intelligence! After all the house has not one but two cats... well, one cat and a kitten. Not a very wise choice of places to live for a mouse. As one might expect, the day of reckoning came when not Tigger the big cat but Tiny the tiny kitten picked up it's trail. Once detected the chase was on, and what a chase it was. Tigger and Tiny worked together as well as a well oiled machine. They took up positions opposite each other to keep the mouse between them. Tigger was quick to realize that although he was ‘senior' and by rights should have the honors it was Tiny that had the super quick reflexes and speed. Besides it was Tiny that picked up the trail. He played a supporting role of keeping the mouse herded towards Tiny. It was wonderful to watch them work so well together.

"Gee Tiny hiney... I'm impressed! You're really fast. I've been hunting all my life and I can't move as fast as you. I don't think I could even do that when I was a youngster like you! How do you do it?" Tigger said with a lot of respect and admiration in his voice.

"How should I know. I just do it. Hey, Tigg, you sure do a good job of keeping that mouse boxed in. We make a good team don't we?" Tiny replied.

"We sure do. I guess I have to admit that you have worked out very well. I also have to admit I certainly didn't expect you to. You were such a pain in the ..... well, let's just say you were a pain."

"No I wasn't! I was just a little kitten. Kittens are great.... everyone knows that!"

"Not everyone! You were a pain! Whoa! Watch out or he will get away."

"Oh no he won't! Not with us around he won't! There! Got him again."
"Whatcha gonna do with him? Eat him?"

"Of course. I overheard the Vet say that mice are the perfect food for cats. I am almost a cat you know and so they are the perfect food for me. Do you want some?"

"Thanks for asking but you earned the right. Besides, you are really tiny and need all the food you can get. Maybe eating a few mice will make you big and strong like me."

"Thanks... but I sure wish you wouldn't keep saying I am tiny. I am just the right size... the big guy says so. In fact he keeps telling me that I am getting really big and he might start calling me Big Tiny. So there!"

"Huh! Big Tiny indeed! That will be the day. Tiny Hiney is much more like it!" Tigger huffed.

"If we don't pay attention to this hunt neither of will eat it. This is a quick one." Tiny said as she focused her attention back on the mouse.

In time the hunt ended successfully without them letting their visiting with each other interfere with the concentration required when hunting a really quick mouse. Tigger helped Tiny learn the proper method of eating mouse. He seems to relish the role of teacher and ‘father figure' to Tiny. He even grooms her at times. As Tiny, full to the brim, took to one of the little beds, Tigger groomed her until she was fast asleep. Boy! What a long way they have come in a short time after that early shaky start together. Tigger has fully accepted Tiny now.

Eventually they both woke up and prepared to see what adventures lay ahead for the rest of the day. Of course each nap ends with the beginning of the stretching ritual all cats go through.

"Hey Tigg!" Tiny called as she stretched her hind legs, one at a time..

"Yes Tiny Hiney?"

"There you go again... oh never mind. Hey, have you ever noticed the big guy stretching in the morning?"

"Ha! You call that stretching? You would think he'd have seen us stretch enough to know how to do it properly. You know, he had a leg cramp on a hike the other day. Maybe if he learned to stretch properly he wouldn't have that problem."

"Why do you suppose he doesn't do it like we do?" Tiny asked.

"Well, humans do have one slight advantage over cats... thumbs you know... but the just aren't nearly as smart as us cats... of course, nothing else is as smart as a cat... " Tigger said.

"Boy! You got that right!" Tiny agreed.

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