80 General Quarters...

Occasionally the large white female (?) cat pays a call at the kitty door. She has even come into the house on several occasions. I am not sure just how they will react with the kittens and Tiny doesn't care for her very much. Therefore, I am not encouraging her to come into the house. I call her ‘Angel' because the first time I saw her around was the day after Tigger died when she was seen lying on his grave. Still, it doesn't seem prudent to allow her in the house until Tiny is more comfortable with her and I know how she will react with the kittens. Of course I will never know that unless they can get together now will I... still, better safe than sorry they say.

"Hey! Angel is in the house! Angel is in the house! Is she supposed to be in the house?", Fluffy cried in alarm.

"No! She isn't supposed to be in here! General Quarters, General Quarters! All hands man your battle stations!", I cried as I ran to shoo Angel out of the house. "Misty, you take first watch at the kitty door. Stay alert and stand a good watch now."

"Aye, aye sir!" Misty said as she took up her watch post just inside the kitty door.

In no time at all Angel was back at the door and found the stalwart Misty planted firmly at her post and not backing down, even a fraction of an inch. I had to be proud of her. I stood many a watch aboard ship and have seen many men standing watch but had never seen any do a better job than Misty was doing. She is one great watch stander!

"Well, Misty, you are doing an excellent job. I didn't know you could stand watch so well. I am very proud of you!" I said to her.

"Thanks. I'm doing the best I can. Boy! Angel sue is big isn't she? Do you think she wants to hurt me?", Misty asked.

"I doubt it but I'm not taking any chances. Just keep up the good work. Let me know when she leaves. Fluffy, if Angel hangs around for a real long time you will have to relieve Misty. Just do like she is doing when it's your turn.", I said to Fluffy.

"I hope Angel leaves! I wouldn't like to have to stand watch like that. It looks scary and I don't like scary things you know." Fluffy said as she peeked around the wall at Misty standing guard at the kitty door with the huge head of Angel on the other side.

Just then Angel gave up and left. Misty watched her go and called out that the coast was clear. Angel was gone.

Secure from General Quarters, secure from General Quarters! Return to your normal activities. Nice job Misty. You stood a very good watch."

"Thanks Misty, sure am glad I didn't have to stand watch. Angel scares me.", Fluffy said.

"She scares me too. She is so big and I didn't know what she would do.", Misty said.

"Well, now! That is what makes you such a great watchstander Misty. You were scared and you still stood your ground and didn't desert your post. What a great kitten you are. I am so proud of you. Anyone can stand a post when there is no danger or anything to be afraid of but it takes a really good watchstander to do it when they are scared. Your on great kitten!" I said.

"Can I stand watch now? Can I, can I?", Fluffy said, anxious to get in on the high praise Misty was getting...

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